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Credit Cards Payment



To confirm your reservation with Equateur Voyages Passion, you’ll have these 3 options: 
International Transfer SWIFT
The bank fares will be at your charge. The estimated cost will be an equivalent of 50 Euros or 60 U.S. dollars depending of your bank. 
With credit card via PAYPAL
By this means, you need to open your own account in PAYPAL: it can take about 7 days. 
Bank charges for this option is 7 % of the total value of the transaction. Travel insurance VISA or MASTERCARD is effective. 
With credit card via KLIK AND PAY
By this means, you can pay online at the company's secured site "KLIK AND PAY", which will process the transaction between your bank and ours. 
This option does not require an account; payment will be made in 2 minutes. 
Your card number is not transited to us and we will never have access of it datas. 
Bank charges for this option is 7% of total transaction value. Travel insurance VISA or MASTERCARD is effective. 
More information about the security of this option 
Payment Modalities: 
To book the trip or service, payment of 40% to confirm
Payment balance: 
45 days before receiving the service