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Who we are ...


ASECUT Affiliate
Ecuatorian Corporation of

Agencies and Tour Operators


Introduction ...

Ecuador is a small country but full of emotions, colors and discoveries!
Many indigenous cultures live in harmony with the Andean volcanoes still active, with the Amazon jungle, treasure that gave us just a few of their secrets, not to mention the endless kilometers of natural beaches. The terrestrial and marine fauna, such as the volcanic formations of the Galapagos own complete this magical picture.
!So many treasures to discover day after day!
We'll be happy to share with you those moments of pure emotion, creating these unique holiday dreamed in Ecuador.
Our local agency ...
Over 12 years ago two European People decided to combine their passion for Ecuador, mixing their interest in the discovery, walks and meetings.
Thus was born Equateur Voyages Passion. Since then, success is not distorted and Equateur Voyages Passion makes every stay a matter of seriousness, professionalism and exchanges.
We pay special attention to travelers and try to propose and realize their dream trip

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Our Goals to protect a Community in Ecuador in the Amazon Rainforest: Come and live it !



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BE CAREFUL: There are 2 streets Gran Colombia, we are situated on the little one, in the East direction, just closed to Yaguachi Bridge.