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Useful information
Most foreign tourists entering Ecuador need no visa for a stay of less than 90 days. Learn the Consulate of Ecuador in your country, to confirm this information
Recommended vaccinations:
Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Tetanus, Hepatitis A.
Request a treatment for malaria (see your doctor) if you travel to the regions of Coca and Lago Agrio (Huaorani reserve, park Yasuni, Cuyabeno reserve)
For areas near the Andes (Tena and Misahualli), mosquito repellent and long-sleeved clothing are enough.
Acclimatación and altitude sickness (altitude sickness)
Our itineraries are designed for a gradual rise in altitude. But Ecuador arrival occurs in 90% of cases in Quito which lies at 2810m altitude.
If you think you´ll be subject to altitude sickness or any other heart problem, talk with your doctor. There is a preventative treatment (Diamox).
Let us know also, we can start your circuit from Guayaquil
Whatever your destination, it is easy to find transportation. Eachcity has a bus terminal with numerous bus companies. Comfortable buses are going to the main cities; must have an average of 50km/hora (by bus) to estimate the length of a trip because the roads are in good condition, but ascend and descend through the mountains.
Small rustic buses are going to villages and neighborhoods between them. To go to a place not connected by buses, you can rent a van with a driver, a car for days (request the international driving license in your country), call a cab or pay for the service of a mini bus with driver for days . Among certain cities, it is also possible to travel by plane.
Major Festivals and traditions
Child King of Kings
Each January 6, in various parts of the country celebrates the Day of the Three Kings
Chonta Festival
February 12
The Feast of the Shuar Chonta is a tradition that has spread to other communities in the Amazon.
The harvest time of the fruits of the palm of chonta starts in February and may extend through April, during which develops this particular celebration.
The women prepare the chicha of chonta through a meticulous process in which they choose, peeled, cooked and mashed a lot of fruit.
In Ecuador the most representative carnival festivities are in Guaranda and Flowers and Fruits of Ambato.
The roots of EcuadorianCarnival are linked Ecuadorian indigenous party to the solar year. So, Carnival is the culmination of the agricultural cycle and the opening of another.
There are also carnival celebrations in other Andean cities like Quito, Machachi, Riobamba, Loja and Azuay Province, and in the Amazonian Puyo and Macas.
The feast of fruit and flowers is a popular celebration, which takes place on 17 February each year in the province of Tungurahua (Ambato - Ecuador), 40 days before Easter. The Feast of Fruits and Flowers is known as one of the most beautiful celebrations around the country.
Inti Raymi
In the Andean region, the week of June 21, we celebrate the traditional festival of the Sun or Inti Raymi. This festival is a celebration of the agricultural calendar that highlights the summer solstice, harvest time and thanks to Earth by the foods given.
With the establishment of the Spanish colony, the party was hidden under Catholic celebrations such as the Corpus Christi or San Juan, prompting a merger between the two traditions.
Yamor Festival
The festival of Yamor takes place in Otavalo from September 1st to 8th.
Born from a cultural hybridization of two traditions: first, the agricultural ritual of thanksgiving for the harvest of the seven varieties of corn, with which is made the chicha, currently offer in the celebration, on the other hand this date coincides with the feast of the Virgin of Monserrate, of great importance to the church and restored in the traditional neighborhood Monserrate.
The celebration includes activities such as speeches and various forms of music and dance.
This festival is experienced differently in rural and urban
La Mama Negra
In the city of Latacunga is celebrated the feast popularly known as Mama Negra.
This is carried out between 23 and 28 September in honor of the Virgen de las Mercedes and is organized by food sellers of the  Pichincha market, La Merced and El Salto markets.
This colorful celebration presumably arose after the volcanic eruption of Cotopaxi produced in 1742, when there was the first procession in gratitude to the Virgin of Mercy for their protection.
In the popular celebration of Mama Negra involved a series of characters in the "Blessed Tragedy", embodied by priostes dramatization and parishioners who dress in flashy costumes.
All Saints Day / November 2
The feast of the dead ... In Ecuador, this day is very important and is accompanied by a feast that takes place in the cemetery, near the graves of the dead.
The colada morada (this drink is typical of Ecuador which is prepared with black corn flour, fruits like naranjilla, babaco, pineapple, blackberry and strawberry) is always a pleasure to taste it!
Since the day before people start to clean, paint and fix up the graves and ritual offerings are given.
Christmas and New Year
Christmas Party:
Pass the Child Traveler brings together more than 50 thousand people in downtown Cuenca
The passes of traveler child is one of the most traditional celebrations in the city of Cuenca, located south of Ecuador, at 2,500 meters above sea level. Every year (usually around December 24, but sometimes can be delayed as it did this year) marks the celebration in which thousands of devout pilgrims behind the figure of "traveler child" for more than 2 hours from downtown historic Cuenca, to the town of Fatima.
December 28:
Feast of Fools:
jokes, costumes, dances, tours of the neighborhood, so in cities of the Sierra, especially. The celebrations usually last until January 6.
This festival is celebrated from December 28 to January 6. For Christianity the Holy Innocents' Day has its origins in the killing of all children under age two in Bethlehem born
The costumes, parades and banter are part of two weeks of continuous celebration.
December 31:
New Year Celebrations:
making and burning of effigies (old years), wills humorous, widows, clowns, dancing, etc., in many cities of Ecuador.
Old year is basically a puppet representing the year ending, made with old clothes, cardboard or paper, stuffed with straw or sawdust and often with fireworks, to be burned at midnight on December 31. The dolls are made in family or displayed in neighborhoods. In many places, before or after the fire, reading a "testament", in which, as the culmination of catharsis, with ironic or satiric language recounts the events that characterized the period ended and recommendations are given to their players for the new year.
Indigenous markets in Ecuador:
Many agricultural products on the market and in the streets of Latacunga.
Traditional Indian market in the main square of Pujilí, south of Quito, near Latacunga; Market every Wednesday in Otavalo, two hours north of the capital. The two markets are also held on weekends, and are even larger than during the week, see "Saturday" (Otavalo) and "Sunday" (Pujilí).
Indigenous Market in Saquisilí, 1h30 drive south of Quito. The animal market ends around 10:00 am, and is one of the major attractions of the entire market. Touristic market in the Plaza Rotary in Cuenca.
Traditional market in the main square of Guamote, south of Riobamba.
The most visited and known market is Otavalo, one of the largest markets throughout Latin America.
Traditional Indigenous market of Pujilí, 10km west of Latacunga, Peguche Market, north of Quito, traditional market and very worth seeing Saraguro population, about an hour's drive north of Loja; Salasaca market on the main road to Baños. Colta Indian market at 20km south of Riobamba, takes place in the streets of Cajabamba and Sicalpe plus Alausí Fair, where you see the social and ethnic diversity of the province of Chimborazo, you can see the native of the Andes with their colorful ponchos, twitch and overcoat and montubio with short sleeve shirt and light trousers..