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The Ecuadorian coast expands over approximately 800 kilometres of beaches, and thanks to warm currents, offers pleasant  swimming conditions. Wild and unspoiled beaches, small fishing villages as well as modern seaside developments can be found along the shore according to its latitude.
We offer a 4 days Trip to the Machalilla national Park, with its congenial fishermen and a rich ecosystem:
Machalilla National Park: The predominant vegetation is tropical dry forest, the only one in South America. It serves as a refuge for a variety of birds and some mammals, like howler monkeys.
A few kilometers from the coast is the Isla de la Plata, whose fauna and flora resemble the Galapagos Islands.
Between July and September, one of the favorite activities is humpback whales watching that come from Antarctica to mate and give birth to calves
Located on the south coast of Ecuador, Guayaquil is Ecuador's largest city and also the administrative and economic capital of the country.
It has a large port activity (exports and imports of industrial, agricultural and fishery products ...)
In relation to climate, have a tropical climate with warm temperatures but high humidity (even more in winter)
To see / to do:
- Church of La Merced
- The Iguanas park 
- The Malecon 2000 decorated with palm trees and follows the Rio Guayas for 3 km
- The colorful neighborhood of Las Peñas
- The Botanical Garden of Guayaquil
- House of Ecuadorian Culture Museum of Guayas (archaeological pieces)
- Historical Museum of Guayaquil (remember the history of the city with several rooms of each period)