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The tropical rainforest in Ecuador, with an approximate area of 130,095 km2, equivalent to 48% of the territory, and is populated by only 390,000 inhabitants.
The Amazon rainforest is considered by scientists to be one of 25 sites critical to the survival of the planet and has the highest percentage of the world's biodiversity. In fact, that huge wildlife reserve is an ideal place for observing plants, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects.
The Amazon rain forest is part of a sophisticated ecosystem, it takes time and patience to understand its origins and its complexity


In order to see the Amazon jungle in all its splendor and have the chance to see more animals, we must penetrate deep into the jungle.
Remote areas and better for its fauna and flora are accessible from the cities of Lago Agrio and Coca.
From these two places, many lodges will be waiting for you to discover an animal life still wild, is common to see anacondas, monkeys, toucans and parrots, alligators and if you are lucky, you will see the legendary pink dolphin.
For families with children or for a first experience in the Amazon, Tena and Misahualli will be ideal areas to know the forest and discover the customs of the indigenous communities that inhabited here.
No malaria treatment is necessary and you will discover how the local people cultivate manioc and cocoa, drinking the famous chicha, visit a shaman, the community doctor and local authority.
Here, the animal life is less visible and moving away from populated places.
However, it is possible to see birds and monkeys and hiking in the jungle in search of medicinal plants.
Activities will be more recreational: swimming in the river, making a raft to go down the river in silence listening to the sounds of the jungle and the sound of the animals.
In summary, the Amazon rainforest can be visited without fear and it is accessible to all: families, groups, adventurers.
The tours are designed to please you according to your needs.



In summary, Misahualli area, may be ideal for travelers who don´t have enough time to go to Lago Agrio or Coca or for families with young children.
The reserve of Cuyabeno, Yasuni National Park and Huaorani community are the richest zones in wildlife, you´ll have more opportunities to see animals, the forest is also better preserved with centenarian trees, human being can not get fully integrated into the environment of this region.