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¡Strong sensations lovers, we invite you to come down the river and tackle the rapids on a unique landscape!
¡Emotions guaranteed!
You can go rafting in Ecuador all year, especially in the Amazon, with warm waters and excellent accessibility.
This sport can be practiced in family, in calm water (up to Class III, III +)
Ecuador has many opportunities for rafting in grand landscapes as varied and spectacular gorges, canyons, valleys and forests ...
Rivers are classified according to the difficulty from class II to VI.
Beginner: Class II: Direct rapids with wide and clear passages which are evident without scouting.
Intermediate: Class III: Rapids with moderate and irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid and which can flip the boat.
Advanced: Class IV: Intense rapids, powerful but predictable, requiring precise boat control in tumultuous waters.
Expert: Class V. Extremely long rapids, violent and unobstructed with risk exposing of raft. The descents may have big waves and falls complicated.
Extreme: Class VI. For teams of experts only, with a water level sufficient and a lot of caution.
Our selection
Toachi: A classic .... This river comes from the highlands to the tropical rain forests near the Pacific Ocean.
For all age, class III, is done in a day from Quito
Toachi and Blanco: Downstream of the Toachi River and Rio Blanco, named for  its tumultuous waters ...
For all age, class III and III +, it takes two days from Quito
Upano: That river is located in the forest, offers a beautiful descend. The Quechua Indians call him Big Waters ...
For all age, class III, it takes two days from Quito
Misahualli: Close to Upano river, this crosses a large canyon, it is the biggest challenge in Ecuador ...
Good physical condition required, class IV +, it takes two days from Quito.
Best of the running water: descend of the most impressive rapids found in Ecuador. Night in tents.
Good physical condition required, class III and IV +, it takes four days from Quito.
Upano, the integral:  fast waters descend in a particular environment: the Amazon and its lush vegetation. Night in tents.
Good physical condition required, class III and IV, it takes five days from Quito.

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