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Passionate or love horseback riding?
Ecuador is the country of the riders! From Chagra of the Andes to Montubio of the pacific coast horse is the king and we propose multiple small farms with horses to stay in the Andean paramo near Cotopaxi volcano or near the majestic Chimborazo.
Geography of Ecuador with its vast expanses of moor and green valleys are a very attractive terrain for lovers of horse riding.
This activity can be done in groups or in exclusive manner.
The rides can run for several hours to several days. The atmosphere is enlivened around the fire, with stories and traditional tales!
Riders and their horses come from the best farms across the country.
Every year in July there is the traditional "Paseo del Chagra." The riders come from farms around the country with their best horses. They are dressed in chaps, warm striped wool ponchos, hats, representing their province.
They meet for a week in the wilderness of the Cotopaxi volcano to gatther wild bulls finally select and allocate them in different farms.
You can participate as spectator, the only requirement: being a good rider and appreciate the evenings around the fire at 4000 m altitude!
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